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How to Brush – Power Brushes

If you read the “how to Brush” post on manual brushes, then you know you need to choose a soft bristled brush and employ a circular motion in order optimally clean your teeth. Well…for the consideration of this post – power toothbrushes – we are going to throw that out the window.

That’s right. Forget about […]

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How to Care for Your New Smile – the Basics

The purpose of this post is to outline the basic steps to caring for your new smile.

Basically, you want to care for your cosmetically enhance smile just as you would your natural smile – if not better!

Why do we say that?

Well, some people who have had their smile cosmetically enhanced with porcelain veneers or crowns […]

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How to Floss

Many of my patients don’t feel the need to floss because, as they say “I don’t get food trapped between my teeth”.

Before I explain proper flossing technique, I would like to go ahead and disarm this excuse right now…

Floss MYTH: You must floss in order to clean out trapped food particles.


Flossing is not primarily about […]

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Implant Case Workload

A recent study published by LMT magazine intended to survey the implant case workload of dental labs across the country. The data acquired from the survey revealed that the majority of labs view their implant case workload as “good or booming”. Only a small percent (14%) rated it as “slow”.

At Okon, we can confirm that […]

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How to Care for your New Smile – Advanced

Q: Which aspects of your new smile need little or no modification?

A: Normal chewing function, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss.

Q: Which aspects of your new smile need modification or specialization?

A: Frequency of professional dental hygiene visits, specialized hygiene instruments.


Let’s start by addressing the categories that require little or no modification…

“Normal” Function:

Porcelain veneers are quite strong. They can […]

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3-D Digital Impressions

Better for everyone!
What if there was a technology that could help you produce better fitting restorations, with less chair time, fewer appointments and faster turnaround, all while improving the patients’ in-office experience?

Well, there is! It’s called 3-D Digital Impressions.

3-D scanning technology is great for the Dentist, the Lab and the Patient alike. Let’s take those […]

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Material Specification Sample 2

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Sample Installation Procedure Article

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a a luctus […]

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Incisors are the front four teeth in the upper and lower jaw, situated in between the cuspids. Generally incisors have one root.

The first two front teeth known as central incisors, erupt sometime between the age of six and seven. Lateral incisors are found next to the centrals and appear around the age of seven or […]

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Cuspid (sample)

The cuspid tooth is perhaps the most recognizable tooth in the mouth because of its pointed shape and length. Located between the incisors and first premolar, cuspids are primarily used for griping and tearing food. Since the cuspid is the longest tooth with one firmly implanted root, it helps guide the teeth and jaws into […]

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