Hybrid Dentures

Imagine dentures that don’t look or feel like dentures….that is exactly what you can expect with hybrid dentures from Okon!

For our visitors that aren’t familiar with hybrid (a.k.a. all-on-4) dentures, they are a revolutionary new type of prosthetic restoration that is supported by dental implants (usually 4-6 implants to be specific). They can be used on both upper and lower arches for the rehabilitation of the partially or completely edentulous patient.

For predictable results, there are several vital components that need to be fabricated and installed by experienced professionals. These would include: the implants, the custom attachments or bar, the final prosthetic.

While an oral surgeon will usually place the implants, it is the lab who will need to successfully collaborate with the restoring dentist to fabricate the custom made, precision milled attachments / bar as well as the final prosthetic restoration.

For our part, the Okon Dental Lab and Milling Center teams both have years of experience working hand-in-hand with our dental partners to help restore hybrid denture cases from beginning to end. We provide craftsman quality, precision milled bars and attachments as well as the beautiful, long-lasting prosthetic that will have patients raving about their beautiful new smile for years to come!

This hybrid concept has grown considerably in popularity over the last few years, and we have been there since the beginning. We love this system because of the amazing end results to the patient.

There are several distinct advantages to this hybrid denture concept. Let’s consider a few:

Superior Aesthetics

In the pursuit of achieving excellent retention with traditional dentures there are almost always design considerations that limit the aesthetic outcome. This is your classic function vs. form paradox.

The hybrid denture approach eliminates these potential aesthetic limitations, freeing the clinician to maximize the aesthetic outcome while increasing, stability, fit and long-term function.

The result: hybrid dentures end up looking more natural and more beautiful – dentures that don’t look like dentures!

Superior Fit

Wearing a new denture is like breaking in a new shoe. There is often a lengthy ‘break-in’ period resulting in patient discomfort and multiple adjustments and even relines, or re-makes, by the restoring doctor / lab.

We can’t honestly say that hybrid dentures will never need adjusting or relining, but what we can say is that because hybrid dentures are seated securely to the implant substructure – as opposed to directly on the gingiva – the incidence of patient discomfort and relines are significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

Additionally, due to the precision fit, hybrid dentures require minimal acrylic on the lower arch and NO palatal acrylic on the upper arch. This feature not only makes the hybrid denture much more comfortable than traditional dentures, but it also allows the tongue to touch the palate (like normal) and be involved once again in the mastication process, thus permitting the patient to enjoy food just like before!

Imagine that – dentures that don’t feel like dentures!

Superior Function

The superior function of hybrid dentures is undeniable because they don’t rely on mere suction (or the use of messy, annoying and usually inadequate adhesives) for retention.

Because the entire prosthetic is implant supported – whether by individualized attachments or a full bar – it can offer retention and stability that far outperforms traditional dentures.  The result is superior chewing function and even heightened taste perception (due to the absence of palatal acrylic, as already mentioned).

Additionally, the new hybrid denture designs can be either “removable” or “semi-permanently” retained. The former meaning they can be taken in and out easily by the patient on a daily basis for maintenance and cleaning. The latter meaning the entire denture is screw-retained and can only be removed by a dental professional. Both options are far superior to traditional dentures, with the screw-retained option obviously being the strongest and most stable option.

Either way, with hybrid dentures, your patient will get a prosthetic that functions more like real teeth than dentures!

You can create hybrids dentures for use with any implant system! 

We cannot discuss hybrid dentures without specifically mentioning the popular all-on-4 concept.

While the all-on-4 hybrid denture concept was pioneered by Nobel Biocare, it can be implemented on nearly any implant system.

Once the four implants are placed, then our milling center will go to work on fabricating a custom, precision fit bar that spans the length of the four implants and ends up being the main support for the denture to securely connect to.

There are two options for retaining the denture – removable or semi-permanent.


A removal hybrid denture is fixed to the implant supported bar by a series of clips, allowing the patient to easily take the denture in and out for routine daily maintenance and cleaning.

For this option our lab team will work hand in hand with the dentist and our milling center team to ensure that the bar, clips and final prosthetic are precision fitted to provide a strong, stable, long-lasting connection which the patient can trust for reliable retention even with difficult to chew foods.

Semi-permanent or Screw-retained

This type of hybrid denture is considered semi-permanent because, once fabricated, the final prosthetic is comfortably yet securely ‘screwed’ to the implant supported bar.

Once the screws are placed, they will not fall out nor can they be removed by the patient. That is why it is considered semi-permanent – only a dental professional can remove a screw-retained prosthetic.

This is by far the strongest and most stable denture option ever conceived.


No matter the restoration or the implant system…

…from surgical stints to provisional; from precision milled bars to final prosthetic – Okon Dental Lab and Milling Center can guide you through to clinical success with any hybrid denture case!