A recent study published by LMT magazine intended to survey the implant case workload of dental labs across the country. The data acquired from the survey revealed that the majority of labs view their implant case workload as “good or booming”. Only a small percent (14%) rated it as “slow”.

At Okon, we can confirm that we have indeed seen our implant case workload continually increase over the years. One reason for our personal increase in this field could be due to our industry leading knowledge base that extends back to the very beginning of the implementation of dental implant technology. However, after the results of this survey came back, we are also considering that it could also be the result of our proficient in-house production of custom abutments and bars.

This latter point could be, in fact, of significant relevance to our success in implant cases. We say this because the study also revealed that less than 12% of labs design and mill their own custom abutments in-house, and even fewer (9%) design and mill their own implant supported bars.

The overwhelming majority of labs out-source this vital piece of the equation. We feel that this is a significant reason why our production has proven to be consistent both in efficiency and accuracy throughout the years. Because we have specialized teams dedicated to the in-house design and milling of all our custom abutments and bars, we are able to offer our clients the most accurate, functional and long-lasting implant crowns available on the market today.

This means that the patient will have a much better overall outcome. Not only will the crown itself boast our trademark Okon artistry, but it will also be built on a precision milled abutment that is designed for optimum performance in several respects – marginal fit, food impaction, occlusion.