Monolithic Crowns


Our goal is to help our clients be as efficient as possible in producing quality, long-lasting dentistry in a timely manner that will simply “wow” their patients. Monolithic crowns made with CAD/CAM technology from Okon Labs can do just that.

How so?

For starters, monolithic crowns – whether full zirconia or lithium disilicate – provide the most durable result possible because of their strength (1,000+ MPa), which in-arguably increases their potential for long-term clinical success. Amazingly, they do this without causing excessive wear to opposing teeth, all while allowing for a more conservative tooth preparation. Additionally, they meet or exceed patients’ aesthetic expectations and can be delivered within a day or days instead of weeks; clear advantages to both the clinician and patient.

No Hassle

Most dentists are already aware of the virtues of this technology. Yet, there may be other factors that could cause a clinician to hesitate from implementing it. For example, opting for monolithic crowns may represent a significant shift in philosophy for some practitioners (i.e. trusting digital impressions and CAD/CAM technology to create precision margins).

Additionally, it may be difficult to trust that the lab team understands how you want the nuances of the restoration to end up; factors such as characterization, emergence profile, occlusal detail, and aesthetic features. With thall these things to consider some dentist may be put off by the potential hassle of using this emerging technology.

Well, at Okon, we are committed to be by your side through the entire process. From our clinical expertise to excellent customer service, we are excited to assist our dental partners into this new frontier.

Okon’s Tooth Library Instills Confidence

It’s easy to say that we are experienced at fabricating monolithic crowns and that we can consistently deliver the fit, function and aesthetics that you are looking for; it’s another thing entirely to be able to prove it. That is why we are proud to share the “Okon Tooth Library” with our clients and their patients.

We invite you to browse our past work and get a sense of the excellent results you can expect form our milling department.

Hand Inspected and Optimized by Expert Technicians

Even though monolithic crowns are fabricated with CAD/CAM machines, we here at Okon treat each case as uniquely important and ensure that our expert technicians inspect and optimize each crown for marginal fit, contour, occlusion and color before they are returned to the dental office for insertion. We take this extra step to ensure that only the highest quality products get delivered.

Experience and Customer Service

Whether it’s a single unit or long span bridge, we strongly feel that we can help alleviate any potential road blocks or hesitations you may have about implementing monolithic crowns as a standard treatment option in your practice. We have dedicated many years to becoming experts in this technology (from its inception), so that we can not only produce fine quality dental products, but also provide first class support services, all to help our clients be as efficient as possible and feel comfortable throughout the entire process – from beginning to end.