Straumann Implant Custom Abutments


Rock solid results with the ‘straumann’ implant system!

The straumann company’s approach to implants is simple……yes……that’s it; simple.

From their slogan – “simply doing more” – to their core beliefs – “simplicity is our strength” – and even their single-system abutment components – “one system with one kit for all indications” – they are all about keeping it simple.

That can be a good thing for dentists and dental labs, of course. There is no confusion with which component to use with which platform. As already mentioned, there is one abutment system/components for use across the entire platform.

There are only two platforms – tissue level and bone level – that use the same components for attaching our custom abutments. So, like we said: simple.

Two systems

Tissue Level:

Designed to help the practitioner simplify implant treatment; to save time and be as efficient as possible thus reducing turnaround time and increasing patient satisfaction.

Bone level:

Offers maximum flexibility to deliver a more pleasing aesthetic – more natural look and feel – to the patient.

Within both categories, there is some variety to the implants themselves (i.e. ‘standard’, ‘standard plus’, ‘tapered’) but the abutment interface is identical across the board, eliminating the need for practitioners or labs to maintain an extensive stock of components, kits or tools.

This refreshingly straightforward approach to the implant – abutment interface means our milling center team can offer consistently excellent quality custom abutments in an expedited time frame.